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Platform @ The Junction began with a great idea. The idea of creating a space for the entrepreneurs, the doers, and the dreamers. The idea that Guelph; a vibrant and ever-changing city filled with brilliant minds, needed a space for businesses to grow.

This great idea was met with an opportunity when the land at 7 Edinburgh Road South was purchased. After a full restoration of a former CN Rail building on the site and the construction of a new building, it’s time to bring some of Guelph’s top entrepreneurs together.

Platform @ The Junction was created by the meeting of a great idea with a great opportunity. As Guelph’s premier coworking space, we welcome you to experience the difference it can make for the success of your business.

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1. Get Organized

Working from home is nice, but with an infinite number of distractions, it is often difficult to reach your goals. Working at Platform provides you the flexibility that you want and the structure that you need.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

With an all-inclusive lease, you will no longer spend your valuable time managing the maintenance of your workspace. Less time wasted means more time to devote to the success of your business.

3. Be Taken Seriously

As a business owner you no longer have to worry about impressing your boss, but, you will be required to impress your stakeholders. With a professionally designed and furnished office at Platform, your clients will never have to see your kitchen table again.

4. Get Inspired

Like all entrepreneurs before you, your business was born out of a passion. Working among other business owners will give you the opportunity to share ideas, meet like-minded people, and get inspired.

5. Be Flexible

Your business needs change constantly, so you need a work space that is as agile as you are. With 24/7 secure access, you can work at any time of day, and with only a six-month commitment, you can scale your business easily, wihout having to change your address.


For leasing opportunities, fill out the contact form or contact:

Mike Taylor

VP Business Development

P: 519-400-8527

E: mtaylor@granitehomes.ca

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